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Do You Need Help Collecting A Debt?

I have helped many businesses and individuals collect debts owed to them. The debt collection process can be lengthy and requires a lawyer to be diligent and practical about resolving the case.  I offer debt collection services for consumer and complex commercial matters.

Do You Need Help Resolving A Debt With Your Creditor?

Because I have collected many kinds of debts over my career, I have insights on how to approach resolving debt issues for people who owe creditors. Owing a debt can be stressful, especially when sued for the debt. I offer help to individuals that need to negotiate and resolve their debts short of filing bankruptcy.

Legal Advocacy For Creditors And Debtors

Walterman Legal represents commercial creditors and individual and business debtors in Indianapolis, Bloomington and throughout the state. Call 317-953-2281 to schedule a consultation with me, attorney Joe Walterman.