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3 keys to dealing with an insurance adjuster after a car accident

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

You may follow the rules of the road and stay diligent as a driver, but too many other people do not have that same mindset.

According to the Indiana State Police, 175, 886 car accidents happened statewide in 2020. Along with dealing with injuries and car repairs, you also have to handle working with an insurance adjuster. Before any conversation happens, keep the following in mind to increase your odds of a fair settlement.

1. Keep the discussion basic

While the adjuster needs essential information, such as your name and address, keep it simple. Although the person may seem like they can legally fish for additional information, you do not have to provide it. Avoid talking about any injuries, prognoses, accident details or fault.

2. Avoid a recorded statement

Frequently, adjusters will indicate that they must get your recorded statement. Unless you also work in the insurance field, you may feel like what they say must go. Unfortunately, adjusters often only do this to try and get people talking. Once recorded, they can use your word against you. You have the legal right to say no, and adjusters must adhere to that.

3. Decline the initial settlement offer

An accident has lingering effects, which often makes people want to just get the situation over with as soon as possible. While the initial offer may sound appealing, adjusters often lowball the first offer. Considering that many crash-related injuries may linger for years, taking the first offer may leave you in a difficult situation in the future.

When talking to an adjuster, remain calm and focused and remember the person works for an insurance company and not you.